Imagine Me Grow: Your Private Birthday Party

So, what do you do when you want to celebrate your child's birthday party in your own private setting?

Maybe you try waking up early to get to the local Temecula or Murrieta park, only to be surprised that another family was

already 30% set up with their birthday party decorations.

Perhaps you call a beautiful private club house but didn't see the high cost as valuable since now you have to consider the cost of renting a bounce house, magician and face painter to keep the kids entertained during the birthday party.

Or, maybe you call a trampoline park or skating rink, only to be surprised that you'll be sharing your event with other guests. And, if you want to reserve the entire place to yourself for your child's birthday party, you'd probably have to sell your home in Temecula - hahaha.

So, here we are. Imagine Me Grow - Murrieta and Temecula's private party center just for you.

We are here to celebrate your child's birthday party the way you'd like. It's your party! Want to bring in your own food? Go for it! Want to invite the entire class? That's awesome! Want to feel comfortable knowing it's YOUR PARTY and it's among YOUR PARTY GUESTS? Boom! Imagine Me Grow is here to host your party.

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