It's My Birthday Party & I'll Eat What I Want To!

As the owner of Imagine Me Grow in Murrieta / Temecula and as a mom of four, I've really taken the time to think of everything us moms want from a party perspective.

Private party - Imagine Me Grow

Large banquet space - Imagine Me Grow

Entertainment - Imagine Me Grow

My own food & drinks - Imagine Me Grow

My own decorations - Imagine Me Grow

I never really understood why party places "require" you to purchase their pizza and some even charge you to bring in vegetable plates! As a mom, I'm putting an end to that. At Imagine Me Grow, it's your party so let's party your way!

Feel free to bring in hot dogs to your party. Feel free to order a taco cart to celebrate your child's birthday. Feel free to bring in dishes of lumpia or chow mein to serve your hungry guests. Bottom line is, we are a private banquet facility in Murrieta / Temecula and we welcome you to party!!

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